High yield filter presses


Based on the mining market necessities, TEFSA has developed the high yield filter presses, mainly in order to cover and satisfy the filtration requirements in the copper, zinc and lead concentrates.


The application of filter presses in the solid-liquid separation processes, is a preferred present solution used in a broad variation of industries due to the high yield results, key factor in the heavy duty and mining applications where effective results are demanded with special high technology equipment. These types of filter presses offer the following guarantees:
Maximum reliability.
Optimum and most adjusted results.
Simple mechanical design with great robustness and special features.
Minimum maintenance due to design and clean operation.

TEFSA is nowadays one of the leading filtration companies Worldwide in most industries due to our development in the last 40 years. With the PFO filter press we reach into the mining industry where demanding expectations are requested, mainly in the metal concentrates, industrial minerals, coal and tailings plants, among others, in order to guarantee the best results, based on:
Complete automatic and programmable equipment.
Fast opening process in order to achieve the maximum number of cycles.
Filter cloth washing and moving processes at every discharge cycle and within seconds.
Dead time elimination.
Operation by four side pulling cylinders.
High adjustment capacity and sealed recessed and membrane plates in polypropylene material with external feeding and filtrate ports.

The TEFSA PFO model filter press avoids as well the complexity, inconveniencies and high costs of the standard vertical filter presses.

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