Pulp & Paper

MAK Process Equipment provides a comprehensive range of processing equipment for paper and pulp manufacturing industry.

We can supply a single piece of handling equipment to fit into your existing process, or a complete bulk handling system as part of an overall process solution.

Replacement drives for clarifiers & thickeners

MAK Process Equipment is the exclusive Australian reseller for DBS Manufacturing and supplies both brand new and bolt-in replacement drive units to replace existing drives on any clarifier or thickener. Featuring forged alloy steel gearing, DBS backs its drives with an exceptional warranty of 10 years on the main gear bearing and is often selected as the standard drive unit on a number of OEM products.

Constructed for the most demanding applications in pulp and paper, waste and water treatment, mining, steel, chemical and food processing industries, these drives utilize no chains or “V” belts and are always equipped with a large accurate torque gauge for reliable process control.

DBS Manufacturing’s  robust, heavy-duty drive units offered by MAK Process are proven workhorses in pulp and paper applications. Under the most extreme operating conditions, these drives perform with minimal operator attention and provide long-lasting service. With every drive retrofit, MAK Process visits the site to inspect the existing equipment, record measurements, and plan for any special installation requirements.

Sludge dewatering

For dewatering of fiber sludge and sludge from the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment stage, MAK Process Equipment offers various dewatering solutions for the handling of coarse material, sludge and fibers by means of dewatering screw presses or plate filter presses, with associated  polymer addition. Our sludge dewatering equipment can be designed for manual or completely automated operation, to suit specific site requirements. Achievable dewatering result: dewatered cake up to 40% dry solids content.

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