Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is constantly looking to reduce costs, reduce wastage and streamline operations, all while maintaining high levels of sanitation and safety. MAK Process Equipment specialises in process equipment solutions applicable to food and beverage production. MAK Process Equipment’s wide range of solutions means we can meet all your process requirements. MAK Process Equipment takes a consultative approach to solving our clients’ water problems; you can rely on us for smart advice. MAK Process Equipment has solutions for a wide range of solid and liquid fluid handling applications for all stages in the food & beverage tree, from agriculture through primary, secondary processing of crop and livestock products through to tertiary processed food production and contract manufacturing in both the manufacturing processes and in waste processing.

Why engage MAK Process Equipment in your process equipment search?

  • RANGE.
    MAK Process has experience in many different types of food and beverage applications and provides solutions for your site, including custom designed solutions.
    MAK Process’s range comprises meticulously selected innovative equipment from premier European and North American OEMs. We are always looking for innovative ways to better deal with clients’ process infrastructure challenges. We offer innovative, yet robust technologies to deliver the best results in F&B applications such as equipment drives and gearboxes, and sludge dewatering equipment.
    Our wide range of products can be fully customised to meet project specifications and applications. For short-term or pilot plant requirements, rapidly deployable hire equipment is available.
    In food and beverage operations, equipment reliability is paramount. MAK Process has a track record of delivering high quality equipment for maximum reliability and productive hours and minimum operator intervention.
    From the supply of process technology only, to turnkey installations, we can design, build, install, operate and maintain process requirements.
    A service team spread throughout Australia allows for rapid deployment to sites anywhere in Australia, for both planned and unplanned maintenance and technical support of process equipment.

How can we help?

Delivering the highest standard of quality, safety and reliability in chemical, sludge and fluid processing equipment