Retrofit Drive Units

Preventing equipment breakdowns and extending machinery lifecycles is crucial to the success and productivity of Australia’s biggest industries.

We understand how important it is to get you back on track. In partnership with DBS Manufacturing, we source industrial plant drive units that are direct bolt-in replacements for equipment produced by a wide range of manufacturing companies. Custom engineered retrofit drive units are also available, so you can be confident that you have the right solution for every application.

Retrofit drive units are a cost-effective solution to renovating or upgrading machinery. They are easily installed and “bolt right in so you can get back to work right away.

Keep your machinery functioning optimally for years to come with MAK Process


  • Extend equipment lifecycles
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • Improve reliability and functionality
  • Increase capacity and operating efficiency
  • Meet industry regulations
  • Local support

DBS designs and manufactures clarifier and thickener drives that are direct bolt-in replacements for drives built by many other companies, including Ahlstrom, Amwell, Andritz, Delkor, Denver, Dorr Oliver – Ovivo, Eimco – FLS, Envirex – Evoqua, Envirodyne, Enviroquip, FMC, Graver Water, Horsburgh & Scott, Infilco Degremont, Kusters, National Hydro, Passavant, Peabody Wells, PRE, Smith & Loveless, Suez Environmental, Veolia Water Systems, Walker Process, and WesTech. All DBS retrofit units are backed by our product warranty. Please contact our engineering team to learn about custom retrofit drive units.

Catalogue of DBS Delivered Retrofit Drives

This is a short list of drive examples that DBS Manufacturing has built & delivered and is not a full catalogue of what the company has delivered.

OEM Drive Model DBS Manufacturing Retrofit Model Example Of DBS Implementation Brochure
Dorr-Oliver 30S1 D30-AE Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver 30S1 On A 84 Ft Primary Clarifier Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 48S1 D42-BF Retrofit For A Dorr-Oliver 48S1 On A Primary Clarifier In Hamilton, New Jersey Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 60S1 D42-BE Retrofit For A Dorr-Oliver 60S1 On 100ft Secondary Clarifier In Allentown, Pennsylvania Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 80S1 D60-CE Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver 80S1 60ft Densludge Thickener In Lincoln Park, New Jersey Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 80S2 D60-CE2 Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver 80S2 For Qatar Steel Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 96S2 D80-EE2 Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver 96S2 On 155ft Thickener In Porcupine, Ontario Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 109S2 D80-DE2 Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver 109S2 100ft Secondary Clarifier In Industries, Pennsylvania Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 122S2 D80-EH4 Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver 122S2 100ft Primary Clarifier In East Millinocket, Maine Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 122S3 D80-EH4 Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver 122S3 295ft Effluent Clarifier In Brewton, Alabama Download Here
Dorr-Oliver W16A SX-CE Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver W16A In West Palm Beach, Florida Download Here
Dorr-Oliver W24A DBS Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver W24A Download Here
Dorr-Oliver W36A S34-BE Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver W36A In 35ft Thickener In Long Branch, New Jersey Download Here
Dorr-Oliver W48A S44-CF L2036F48A Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver W48A 75ft Swing Clarifier In Oglethorpe, Georgia Download Here
Dorr-Oliver W60 D42-BE Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver W60 In North Miami Beach, Florida Download Here
Dorr-Oliver 65A S44-CF Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver 65A In Joliet, IL Download Here
Dorr-Oliver S100 S60-DF-L Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver S100 90ft Lime Slurry Thickener In Louisville, Kentucky Download Here
Dorr-Oliver S200 D60-DH3-L35 Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver S200 100ft Alumina Thickener In Paramaribo, Suriname Download Here
Dorr-Oliver S800 D120-FH2 Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver S800 320ft Effluent Clarifier In Jacksonville, Florida Download Here
Dorr-Oliver A100 S60-DH2 Retrofit For Dorr-Oliver A100 100ft Red Mud Thickener In Paramaribo, Suriname Download Here
Dorr-Oliver TYPE A Dorr-Oliver Type A Retrofit Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment B22/W18 S25-AE-D25 Retrofit For Eimco B22/W18 45′ X 14′ Tank In Hot Springs Village, Arkansas Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment B40 S44-FB-L2036 Retrofit For Eimco B-40 50ft Tank In Cloquet, MN Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment B50 S44-CF-L2036 Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C108B2 D80-DH4 Retrofit For Eimco C108B2 200ft Tank In Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C30 D30-AF Retrofit For Eimco C30 In Lemont, IL Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C30HT D30-AF Retrofit For Eimco C30HT In Summerville, South Carolina Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C40LT D30-BE Retrofit For Eimco C40LT 65ft Thickener In Macon, Georgia Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C40/C54 D42-CE-D42 Retrofit For Eimco C40/C54 In Evadale, Texas Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C54HT D42-CFS Retrofit For Eimco C54HT In Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C60/C72P D60-DE-D60 Retrofit For Eimco C60/C72P In Chillicothe, Ohio Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C60B2 D60-DE2 Retrofit For Eimco C60B2 150ft Effluent Clarifier In Kingsport, Tennessee Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment C72 D42-BF Retrofit For Eimco C72 Secondary Clarifier In Rochester, New York Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment M750 S60-DF-L3536 Retrofit For Eimco M750 90ft Tank In Federal Way, Washington Download Here
Eimco Process Equipment W18 SX-AF Retrofit For Eimco W18 In Lemond, Illinois Download Here
Walker Process 100 D80-DH2 Retrofit For Walker 100 185ft Primary Effluent Clarifier In Port Melon, British Columbia Download Here
Walker Process 60 DM100-BE Retrofit For Walker Process 60″ Split 115ft Tank In Macon, Georgia Download Here
Walker Process 80 DBS Retrofit For Walker 80 Download Here
Walker Process S42X D30-AE Retrofit For Walker S42X 75ft Tank In Girard, Ohio Download Here
Envirex F16 DBS SX-BE Retrofit For Evoqua (Envirex) F16 Download Here
Envirex F60/R18 DBS S34-BF-D34 Retrofit For Evoqua (Envirex) F60/R18 In Coffeyville, Kansas Download Here
Envirex H26 D30-AE Retrofit For Evoqua (Envirex) H26 40ft Tank In Davenport, Iowa Download Here
Envirex H40HT D30-BE Retrofit For Evoqua (Envirex) H40HT 65ft Tank In Norfolk, Virginia Download Here
Envirex H40LT D30-AE Retrofit For Evoqua (Envirex) H40LT 86ft Tank In Albertville, Alabama Download Here
Envirex H60HT D42-BF Retrofit For Evoqua (Envirex) H60HT In Atlanta, Georgia Download Here
Envirex H90HT D60-DE Retrofit For Evoqua (Envirex) H90HT In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Download Here
Smith & Loveless 160M D30-AE Retrofit For S&L 160M In Clarksdale, Mississippi Download Here
Smith & Loveless 214M D30-AE Retrofit For S&L 214M In South Charleston, West Virginia Download Here
Smith & Loveless 87S D30-AE Retrofit For S&L 87S In Clarksdale, Mississippi Download Here
Amwell 28H D30-AE Retrofit For Amwell 28H In Concord, Massachusetts Download Here
Amwell 42H D42-BE Retrofit For Amwell 42H In Little Falls, New York Download Here
FMC 30 D30-AF Retrofit For FMC 30 On A 36ft Final Clarifier In Lemont, IL Download Here
FMC 52 D30-BE Retrofit For FMC 52 On A 95 Ft Secondary Clarifier In Wayne NJ Download Here
Horsburgh & Scott C15800 D30-BE Retrofit For Horsburgh & Scott C15800 105ft Tank In Durant, Oklahoma Download Here
Horsburgh & Scott HS30 D30-AE Retrofit For Horsburgh & Scott HS30 60ft Tank Galion, Ohio Download Here
Infilco Degremont BF-33 D30-AF Retrofit For Infilco BF-33 In Monroe, Louisiana Download Here
Peabody Welles 30-SB D30-AE Retrofit For Peabody Welles 30SBC-8 In Baytown, Texas Download Here
National Hydro 42H D30-BE Retrofit For National Hydro 42H In Fairborn, Ohio Download Here
National Hydro FS30 S25-AE Retrofit For National Hydro FS30 On 35FT Tank In Galion, Ohio Download Here
WesTech DV8050 D30-AE Retrofit For Westech DV8050 100ft Tank San Rafael, CA Download Here


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