Mineral Processing

From the extreme heat of remote Australia and Africa, to the cold climates of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, MAK Process Equipment provides solutions for mining & mineral processing projects in the most challenging environments around the world.

Utilising decades of mining industry experience, across all commodities, MAK Process Equipment offers solutions for both greenfield and brownfield mining projects.

In mining, we understand that equipment reliability is paramount. MAK Process  sources equipment from manufacturers with global track records of manufacturing, high quality equipment for maximum reliability, minimum downtime, minimum operator intervention and optimum cost efficiency.

From the supply of process technology only, to turnkey installations, our in-house engineering and service teams can assist you with process design, equipment selection, installation, commissioning, operation, and equipment maintenance.

GREENFIELD PROJECTS. MAK Water can assist with design of new mining projects from study phase through to feasibility, construction and commissioning, by providing expert advice on process solutions and equipment selection.

BROWNFIELD PROJECTS. MAK Water can assist with review of process equipment on site and provide expert advice on how to optimise or retrofit the current process equipment  or replace existing equipment to improve client outcomes.



  • OEM and retrofit replacement drive units for mixing processes
  • Process  sludge handling and dewatering
  • Service and maintenance of process equipment assets
  • Supply of consumables and spare parts



  • Potable water supply treatment solutions
  • Washbay and workshop wastewater treatment
  • Waste sludge handling & dewatering
  • Chemical/additives handling and mixing equipment
  • Operation, service, and maintenance of process equipment assets
  • Supply of chemicals, consumables and spare parts

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